Create texts

Create Point Texts

  1. Click the type tool in the toolbar or press t.
  2. Position your cursor where you want to start your text and click on the canvas.
  3. Begin typing the desired text. You can adjust the font size and other text styles in the text panel in the right sidebar.

Create Area Texts

  1. Click the type tool in the toolbar or press t.
  2. Click and drag to create a text box on the canvas. This defines the area where your text will be contained.
  3. Click inside the text box and start typing your desired text. The text will automatically wrap within the boundaries of the text box.

Text Styles

Font Family

To open the list of available font families, click on the font family dropdown on the top of the text panel, there are two collections of typefaces:

  1. Local Fonts: These are locally installed fonts in your computer. Choose the "Local Fonts" tab in the font family picker, then click the "Allow" button to let the browser access the local fonts.
  2. Google Web Fonts: A wide range of open-source web fonts provided by Google (opens in a new tab). Your need an internet connection to load the google fonts.

If you want to use locally installed fonts, please using the latest Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, more info under MDN Docs (opens in a new tab) about the Local Font Access API.

Font Size

Use the font size field next to the font family picker to adjust the scaling of the text.

Font Weight

Click the font weight dropdown in the text panel to choose a new weight from the following numerical values:

  • 100 Thin
  • 200 Extra Light (Ultra Light)
  • 300 Light
  • 400 Normal
  • 500 Medium
  • 600 Semi Bold
  • 700 Bold
  • 800 Extra Bold (Ultra Bold)
  • 900 Black (Heavy)

The available font weights will depend on the specific font family you have selected.


Leading is also known as line spacing or line height. Leading determines the distance between baselines of two adjacent lines of a text. Do one of the following to adjust the leading:

  • Enter a new value in the leading field in the text panel.
  • Leading will be automatically adjusted while changing the font size.


Text Alignment

To change the text alignment within a text box, click one of the following options on the bottom of the text panel.

  • Align Left
  • Align Center
  • Align Right
  • Align Top
  • Align Middle
  • Align Bottom

Line Wrap

  • Auto Width: line wrapping will be not applied to the selected texts.
  • Auth Height: the lines of the text will be wrapped within its boundaries, the height will be automatically adapted to the text content.
  • Fixed Size: similar to the auth height option, but the height will be not changed while changing the text content.

Create Outlines

If you want to convert a text into a vector shape, select the text and go to Menu > Object > Type > Create Outlines. This converts the text into editable vector paths.