Quick Start

Quick Start

Welcome to the Provector documentation! This page will give you an introduction to start using Provector.

Browser Requirements

To use Provector, a web-based design tool, you'll need a modern web browser:

  • Google Chrome (recommended): Provector works best on the latest stable version of Google Chrome (opens in a new tab). It provides the best performance and compatibility with Provector's features and functionalities.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Provector is also compatible with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. While Firefox generally works well with Provector, occasional performance differences or minor bugs may occur compared to Chrome.
  • Safari: Provector supports the latest version of Safari on macOS and iOS devices. However, it's worth noting that Safari might have limited compatibility with certain advanced features or may experience occasional performance variations.
  • Microsoft Edge: Provector is compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Edge, which is based on Chromium. This version of Edge should offer a similar experience to Google Chrome in terms of compatibility and performance.

It's important to keep your browser up to date to ensure the best experience with Provector. Using the latest browser version helps ensure you have access to the latest features and bug fixes. Additionally, Provector requires an active internet connection to load google fonts (opens in a new tab).

Install Desktop Application

Provector is installable through Google Chrome as Progressive Web App (PWA), please follow this instruction (opens in a new tab) to install desktop version of Provector.